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British topography, especially East Anglia and the fens; history and archaeology; natural history; esoteric, occult, wicca, paranormal, spiritual, mysticism and religion.

Exhibitor's Highlights

In Quaint East Anglia


Hull Museum Publications No's 73 to 84 (bound edition)


The Personal Names of the Isle of Man (Manx Personal Names)


David Dreadnought; or, Nautic Tales and Adventures, in Verse. (In Four Parts)


Hellas : a lyrical drama / by Percy Bysshe Shelley; a reprint of the original edition published in 1822, with the author's prologue and notes by various hands, edited by Thomas J. Wise.


The Indian Tribes: some Account of the Conduct of the Religious Society of Friends towards them in the Settlement of the Colonies of East and West Jersey and Pennsylvania: with a brief narrative of t


A History of Persia (2 volumes)


Beautiful Flowers Of Kashmir (two volume set) (SIGNED)


Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. IV (March, 1903) to XII (March, 1905) (bound edition) including two (bound in) compliments slips with notes in Sheppards hand.


Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. XIX (December, 1906) to XXII (March, 1908) (bound edition)


The Place-Names of the East Riding of Yorkshire & York: English Place-Name Society Volume XIV


Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series Vol.CXVI (being the second volume for the year 1949), Miscellanea Vol.V.


Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series Volume CV: The First Order Book of the Hull Trinity House 1632-1665


Le Théatre Complet de William Shakespeare en 3 Volumes


London: A Poem and The Vanity of Human Wishes. with an introductory essay by T. S. Eliot (Haslewood Books.)


The Lyon In Mourning or A Collection Of Speeches Letters Journals etc. Relative to the Affairs of Prince Charles Edward Stuart by The Rev. Robert Forbes. A. M. Bishop of Ross and Caithness 1746-1775 (In Three Volumes)


The Kingis Quair: Together with A Ballad of Good Counsel: by King James I. of Scotland.


Desultory Notes on Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary


The Dialects of Central Scotland


History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland, From AD 1493 to AD 1625; with A Brief Introductory Sketch from AD 80 to AD 1493


The James Carmichaell Collection of Proverbs in Scots : From the Original Manuscript in the Edinburgh University Library


Lancelot of the Laik from Cambridge University Library MS.


The Thre Prestis of Peblis, how thai tald thar talis. Edited from the Asloan and Charteris texts


The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie


Poems of Alexander Montgomerie and Other Pieces from Laing MS. No. 447 Supplementary Volume


Chronicles of Uganda


The Early History of the North Riding


Samuel Palmer A Memoir. Also a catalogue of his works, including those exhibited by the Fine Art Society 1881, and an account of the Milton Series of drawings, by L. R. Valpy.


Legends of the Lakes: Or, Sayings and Doings at Killarney. Collected chiefly from the manuscripts of R. Adolphus Lynch, Esq. H. P. King's German Legion (two volume set)


Sir Thomas Overbury His Wife. With Additions of new Characters, and many other Witty Conceits never before printed. The sixteenth Impression.


Hours with the Mystics: A Contribution to the History of Religious Opinion (Two Volume Set)