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11 Primrose Hill, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN2 6ER

Contacts: Ben & Georgia Mullen

We hold 1st Editions fiction and non-fiction specialising in cookery and travel.  We mainly deal in general stock but we also hold a large quantity of local history (Northamptonshire).

Exhibitor's Highlights

Engravings from the Ancient Marbles in the British Museum V


A Voyage to Abyssinia and Travels into the Interior of that Country


Guide to Egypt and the Sudan




The Travels of the Abbe Carre in India and the Near East 1672-1674


Home Cookery


Oysters, and All About Them


The Oyster


Fire & Tow


Timewyrm: Revelation (The New Doctor Who Adventures)


The Stranding of the White Rose - A Story of Adventure


The Valley of Secrets


The Life Of A Foxhound


Syrian Stone- Lore


The Yellow Story Book


The Mouse and the Mermaid


Tent Work in Palestine Vols 1 & 2


All about Ices Jellies & Creams


An Architectural Pilgrimage in Old Mexico


The Land of Uz


In Brigands' Hands and Turkish Prisons 1914 - 1918


Les Iles Des Princes


Tunisia Geographical Handbook Series BR 523


An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa


Webster's Improved Dictionary of the English Language Exhibiting the Origin, Orthography, Pronunciation and Definitions of Words.


The Blackhouse


The Dry