Sevin Seydi Rare Books

13 Shirlock Road, London, NW3 2HR

Contacts: Sevin Seydi & Maurice Whitby

Early printing, classical antiquity. English and European literature before 1860. Philosophy and language.

Exhibitor's Highlights

La philopédie, ou, Avis aux époux sur l'art d'avoir des enfans sans passions, par A.G. ... de B.S.O.


Deerbrook; a novel


Façade·an entertainment ·the poems by Edith Sitwell ·the music by William Walton


[Rule, ed. Johannes Franciscus Brixianus] Habes isto volumine lector candidiss. quattuor primum approbatas religiosis quibusq[ue] viuendi regulas


Les Essais... Mlle de Gournay's final text, with her autograph corrections


De Atramentis... Ink etc. - from the De Thou library


A Satyr against Brandy - 5 copies recorded


Miscellany Poems: as Satyrs, epistles, Love-verses, songs, sonnets, &c.


Mémoires... accusé de corruption de juge


Isaiah. A new translation (by Robert Lowth), with a preliminary dissertation, and notes critical, philological, and explanatory


Raccolta di varie maniere di salvar l’equipaggio d’un bastimento che sta in pericolo di perdersi, fatta in Inghilterra e data in luce da un viaggiatore tedesco per esser distribuita gratuitamente a favore dei naviganti


Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind


Rachel et la Tragédie. Ouvrage orné de dix photographies représentant Mlle. Rachel dans ses principaux rôles


Trois ans en Asie (de 1855 à 1858)


Voyage d’un naturaliste: in Le tour du monde, nouveau journal des voyages, second semester of 1860


Travels In Africa During The Years 1882-1886


Historiae Aethiopicae libri decem, nunquam antea in lucem editi.


The historie of Edvvard the Second. surnamed Carnaruan, one of our English kings. Together with the fatall down-fall of his two vnfortunate favorites Gaueston and Spencer


Architectural Illustrations of Skelton Church, Yorkshire


Analysis Of The Phenomena Of The Human Mind A New Edition With Notes Illustrative And Critical By Alexander Bain, Andrew Findlater And George Grote Edited With Additional Notes By John Stuart Mill.


Animal Machines: The New Factory Farming Industry. With a foreword by Rachel Carson,


Owen THOMAS Agricultural and Pastoral Prospects of South Africa


The tragical history of Jetzer: or, a faithful narrative of the feigned visions, counterfeit revelations, and false miracles of the Dominican fathers of the convent of Berne in Switzerland, to propagate their superstitions...


Le régulateur universel des poids et mesures, invention nouvelle, pour apprendre, seul et sans maître, à trouver les rapports réciproques du nouveau système et des poids et mesures de tous les pays...


A complete collection of his books in first edition


A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, by Mr Yorick


The Martins of Cro' Martin