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1858: BLACKSMITH. A large and detailed ledger


BLACKSMITH. A large and detailed ledger for itemised and priced work carried out by an industrious blacksmith in the Tibthorpe area in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 250 pages, fully completed, with entries covering the period 1858-1885. Customers include Staveley Manor House, Trinity House Hull, William Peircy of Benningham Grange, and many others. All manner of work has been undertaken, horse shoes, nails, repairing dog-carts, wagon wheels, hooping &c. In very good clean condition and bound in contemporary vellum lettered ‘Blacksmith Book’ on both covers. tall narrow folio. 400mm x 165mm. 1858-1885. This was most probably written by John Shepherdson, blacksmith and ironmonger of Tibthorpe. The East Riding of Yorkshire Archives record his account book for 1863-1872.