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1894 - LASCELLES, John. X.Y.Z. and Other Poems


LASCELLES, John. X.Y.Z. and Other Poems. [5], 2-50pp. [and] The Great Drama and Other Poems. [9], 2-71pp. Title-pages in orange and black. Both poems are in the Sun and Serpent Series, and near fine copies in original decorative card covers. 8vo. The Leadenhall Press. 1894 & 1897. Very scarce publications by a little-known author, of whom we can find no further details apart from other press notices. There is a leaf of prefatory press reports in ‘The Great Drama’ for X.Y.Z “Mr Lascelles indicates with singular, it might be almost said mordant, power suggestions of the dismal side of the relation of the sexes [Brighton Herald]. ‘Altogether a most remarkable book” [Whitehall Review], and then one from the Author himself “... very remarkable for their strength and originality. They are sometimes even startling.” The cover illustration is explained in a verse on each title-page. “Light and Darkness; good and evil; Through life’s mazes run! On man’s pathway crawls the serpent; shines the rising sun!” But as one reviewer noted: “But why did he bind it in such a glaring manner!” [Glasgow Herald, 1894].