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A large format 3 section poster advertising Keswick Museum and Flintoft's Celebrated [3D] Model [of the Lake District] in the Town Hall Admission One Shilling and after the first visit is FREE during the Season


Flintoft's 3D relief model of the Lake District measured 12' 9" x 9' 3" as was quite an attraction and very useful for navigating / planning routes through the lakes before the common use of Ordnance Survey maps. Originally made back in 1834 [having taken some 17 years to construct] the plaster model was on display throughout the 19th century and remains so in the Keswick Museum. The model was originally displayed in the Moot Hall and moved sometime around 1896. The scale of the poster suggests it may have been pasted up on billboards / railway station platforms? - this poster is worn but shows no evidence of having been used. Each section measures approx 510mm x 760mm