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Aulicae Vitae Institutiones vorstellend wie sich ein verstaendiger redlich und gewissenhaffter Hoffmann in seinem Leben und Handel loblicht zu verhalten.


This is a German manual advising courtiers of courtly behaviour. By way of introduction, the preface is looking to sell the book on its merits whilst going out of the way to flatter the reader. The first chapter then advises on the need for 'more heart' at court than on the field of battle. Plutarehus, Plinius and Titus mentioned King Agiges who asked who was the happiest on earth, to which the answer was Aglaus because he knew the gods. The courtier is advised of the tumult and chaos of the court. The writer says he has studied, has prayed, has preached at court and understands the ways of his bishopric, but the stress of court is much more.