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William Cowan

First editions of the 20th and 21st centuries, with special emphasis on Scottish and Irish first editions.  Also small stock of contemporary (post-1950) art works, mostly signed limited edition prints, and ceramics. Catalogues are also issued, twice a year in specialisms. They are be listed here one week after the paper issue has been sent to customers on our mailing list.

Bookplate designed for Charles D. Edwards.


KING, Jessie M. Bookplate designed for Charles D Edwards, with image of Lady in sail boat, with lettering of the legend "That mans unwise wille searche for ille and maye prevent it setting stille." and decorative border, typical Jessie M King design, signed in plate lower right. Np (Glasgow); Nd (1907). Image size 130 x 92mm, with border, black & white with grey tint, printed on Japanese vellum paper. Professionally removed from a book in Edwards’ library.