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DIE STATT AACHEN. No date, circa 1678, Cologne, double folio (570mm x 1170mm), intaglio engraving, bird's eye view of Aachen linen-backed. [There is a copy of this engraving in the Beineke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, BrSides Double Folio 2013 116, in a similar condition] The arms and insignia of Leopold I, the Holy Roman Emperor, amongst a double-headed eagle, surrounded by Charlemagne (Charles the Great) holding his Cathedral, and Hildegard of Vinzgau (his second wife) holding Louis the Pious, his successor. [Not in Beineke]. Attached beneath this are engravings of the names and insignia of the Monks and Canons of Aachen. Printed by Altzenbach, surmounted by the arms of Charlemagne, showing the single-headed half body of an eagle as the symbol of the German emperors next to fleurs-de-lis as the symbol of the Kings of France on an impaled shield. [See William Ottley. NOTICES OF ENGRAVERS AND THEIR WORKS...London 1831. " Wilhelm Altzenbach and Gerard Altzenbach...Their works are not of frequent occurrence"] Inset amongst these is ALLMANACH AUFF DAS JAHR 1678, Cologne, Johann Peter Richerman. Almanacs of this period and size are extremely rare. The British Museum department of prints has only one example of a different work printed by Altzenbach ["The display in Cologne of the Holy Relics of Aachen" - a much smaller engraving] and nothing printed by Richerman.