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CHEQUERS – THE COUNTRY HOME OF THE PRIME MINISTER A collection of 4 albums from Chequers Court when in the possession of the Astley family prior to the donation of the estate for the use of the Prime Minister of Great Britain. The Country Residence of The British Prime Minister was owned by the Astley family in the 19th century, then subsequently leased from the Astleys by Sir Arthur Lee. Following the death of the last of the ancestral owners, the Lees bought the property. It was given to the Nation by Sir Arthur Lee in 1917 as a residence for the Prime Minister as a thank-offering for her deliverance in the Great War of 1914-1918 as a place of rest and recreation of her Prime Minister for ever. Sir Arthur Lee (later Viscount Lee of Fareham) indirectly acquired the property from the Astley family and these albums are from the Estate of Lady Florence Astley and thence by descent.