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George Townsend's St Gregory's Pottery, 1865


EARTHENWARE & CHINA MANUFACTORY, Longton, Staffordshire. The original folio sheet announcement for the sale by auction of George Townsend's St Gregory's Pottery on 26th June 1865. Folio sheet folded, with docket title on the rear panel. Printed on light blue tinted paper, and in very good condition. Unrecorded. folio. F. Carnes, printer, Northwich. 1865. ~ St. Gregory Pottery Works on the north side of High Street, Longton was established by George Barnes in 1794, and it was still in his hands c.1800. It was then owned by Chesworth and Blood in 1824; Wood and Blood by 1827, and by Beardmore and Birks from 1830 or 1831 until 1843. It seems then to have passed to Sampson Beardmore who in 1850 was succeeded by George Townsend. Tams and Lowe took over the works in 1864 and were still in possession in 1874. "The goods produced comprise all the usual varieties of articles in useful ordinary earthenware, and in china of an average quality. In the former, dinner, tea, toilet, and other services, &c., are made in white, sponged, printed, ground-laid, and gilt varieties; in the latter only the ordinary common classes are made, principally for the home trade. The quality of the body is firm and good, and the mosaic jugs and tea-pots, mounted and otherwise, are well formed and decorated. In these and in the reeded turquoise tea-pots, &c., the ground colours are clear and even. The usual mark in the common willow pattern is a garter, with the words STAFFORDSHIRE IMPROVED, enclosing the name of the pattern and the Staffordshire knot; the ribbon is surmounted by a crown, and beneath are the initials of the firm, T. & L." Ref: The Ceramic Art of Great Britain Vol II, 1878; Llewellynn Jewitt