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Ghetto Writing - Traditional and Eastern Jewry in German-Jewish Literature from Heine to Hilsenrath


Camden House, 1999. FINE FACTORY'SHRINK-WRAPPED Literary History Camden House Columbia [SC] 1999 orig.cloth 23x15cm, 231 pp., Series: Studies in German Literature, Linguistics, and Culture. "Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries ghetto fiction played an important part in the expression of a particularly German-Jewish quest for identity. The volume Ghetto Writing takes the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Leopold Kompert's collection of ghetto stories Aus dem Ghetto (1848) to fill a gap and give testimony to an important genre that has been unduly silenced in the literary histories of the post-war period. The volume presents some 15 articles by scholars from Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain, and Ireland whose contributions offer new analyses of ghetto writing by well known authors such as Heinrich Heine and Joseph Roth, and completely new material on forgotten ghetto writers who deserve to be rediscovered, such as Alexander Granach. The articles cover various types of ghetto writing, ranging from ghetto fiction in the tradition of Leopold Kompert and Karl Emil Franzos, to diaries, travelogues, autobiography, and even contemporary German HipHop and Rap lyrics" - Publisher's description.