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Hellas : a lyrical drama / by Percy Bysshe Shelley; a reprint of the original edition published in 1822, with the author's prologue and notes by various hands, edited by Thomas J. Wise.


First Thus; (Limited Edition); The Shelley Society's Publications - Second Series No. 5. this being the large paper edition printed by Richard Clay & Sons of London & Bungay (Suffolk) for "Private Circulation Only" & limited to Fifteen Copies & also the only edition with the full-page etched frontispiece engraving by W. B. Scott. The Contents page lists: Editor's Preface; Mrs. Shelley's Note on Hellas; Dr. Garnett's Note on the Prologue to Hellas; Prologue to Hellas; Editor's Notes on the Prologue to Hellas; Shelley's List of Errata for Hellas; & Editor's Additional List of Errata for Hellas. (There is no table of Contents in the original edition of Hellas.) After these 58 (LVIII) pages the 60-page facsimile copy has grey paper wrappers with a pasted white paper label. The contents included are: Dedication to Prince Mavrocordato; Shelley's Preface; Dramatis Personae; Hellas; Shelley's Notes on Hellas & (the poem) Written on Hearing the News of the Death of Napoleon.