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Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. XIX (December, 1906) to XXII (March, 1908) (bound edition)


First Thus; a bound edition of these publications all reprinted from the Eastern Morning News & detailing the many & varied additions to the Museums artifacts during these years in great detail complete with b/w. illustrations - (drawings & photographic plates). Bound in is a 40 page 1907 2nd edition Guide to the Municipal Museum (Hull) with a pictorial front cover, plan of the ground floor, four b/w. photo's. & a short history of the museum. Also bound in is a 32 page 1908 2nd edition Guide to the Wilberforcel Museum (Hull) with a pictorial front cover, a portrait of William Wilberforce, a short history of Wilberforce House with drawings, sections & plans of the three floors, & five b/w. photo's. At the rear is a 26 page index to Hull Museum Publications