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Idea del Giardino del Mondo; Avvisi di Buone Creanze; La Vita di Tullo Ostilio


Giardino del Mondo is an alchemy text [32], 147, index; Avvisi di Buone Creanze is basically an abridged edition of della Casa's "Galatea". Monsignor della Casa was not a typical humanist, he wiped out the Venetian Lutheran community in his papal duties and is meant to have coined the phrase "national interest". Galateo, on good manners, was his greatest work. There are five recorded printings of the abridgment prior to this, quantity of new material is unclear. No recorded copies of this printing. Life of Tullo Ostilio is a first edition and there is meant to be evidence that Tullo Ostilio was an early Roman king and not another Romulus. Poem is in terza rima and Tullo Ostilio and his dramatic death became popular in Baroque opera (inattentive to the Gods, he finally prayed to Jupiter to help him in his plight. At this point the ever obliging Jupiter struck him down with lightning). It is almost a silly enough plot for the Ring Cycle. Rare.