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In Quaint East Anglia


First Edition; b/w. frontis. sketches of Woodbridge Market Place, Framlingham Castle & Walberswick Railway Station; front endpaper b/w. illustrated tobacco advert.; rear cover medicines advert.; Birkbeck Bank Advert inside rear cover; Great Eastern Railway advert. with ticket prices & destinations opposite contents page; further local adverts to rear pages plus 15 pages publisher's adverts.; Excerpt from the introduction: "It is difficult to analyse the fascination of East Anglia, to discover exactly what it is that gives the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk the charm they undoubtedly possess. And yet, when once you have yielded to that charm, what a sway it holds over you! I have toured all over England, and fallen in love with a thousand places, but I love East Anglia most of all. Perhaps it is because it is still so old­fashioned, so out of the world, and yet within such easy reach of it. Two hours after you leave Liverpool Street you can be on a farm where they plough with bullocks, or on a common where you meet shepherds with long smocks and hooks, looking for all the world like overgrown and antiquated Little Boy Blues; or I could deposit you in an out-of-the­-way corner on the sea-coast where there are fishermen who still use wooden fish-hooks, and this at the end of the nineteenth century, when in London we are hearing of flying machines and submarine boats, where we have mutoscopes and motor cars at our doors, and where the Rontgen rays are ready to reveal our innermost selves to the outside world."