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British topography, especially East Anglia and the fens; history and archaeology; natural history; esoteric, occult, wicca, paranormal, spiritual, mysticism and religion.

Isle of Man; Its History, Physical, Ecclesiastical, Civil, and Legendary.


First Edition; At the front are 36 pages containing dedication; preface; contents; description of plates; arrangement of views & list of subscribers. then follow 376 pages of text with the 8 fold-out colour plates at the rear. From the author’s preface: “The following work originated in the desire that I would place before the public in a popular form the substance of my memoirs upon the physical history of the Isle of Man, which have appeared in the numbers of the Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London. The most simple and popular method of communicating that information was to transfer from my field-book the notes of the different geological traverses I have made during the last seven years in various parts of the island. In doing this I could hardly pass by the spots rendered interesting by their connection with events in Manx civil and ecclesiastical history without some notice of them; and even the Fairy legends and Ghost stories, deeply interwoven with and illustrating the character of the native population. My work has thus taken a somewhat wider range than I had originally intended.” Includes appendices