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British topography, especially East Anglia and the fens; history and archaeology; natural history; esoteric, occult, wicca, paranormal, spiritual, mysticism and religion.

Lions and Lambs (with interpretations by ‘LYNX') (SIGNED COPY)


A first edition (1928) inscribed: “To Mr & Mrs Gerald Wathen from the Lynx and Lynx-cub Christmas 1928”. The 'Lynx' was the pseudonym of Rebecca West (the stage name of Cicely Isabel Fairfield). She became involved in the women’s suffrage movement and worked as a journalist for the feminist weekly ‘Freewoman’ and the ‘Clarion’, drumming up support for the suffragette cause. After writing a provocative review of H. G. Well’s novel ‘Marriage’ the two met and became lovers in late 1913. Their ten-year affair produced a son, Anthony West (author & critic) and their friendship lasted until Wells's death in 1946. This book contains Low's cartoons & West's satirical pieces on leading figures of the day including Augustus John; Ramsay MacDonald; Joseph Conrad; Winston Churchill; G. K. Chesterton; George Bernard Shaw; A. A. Milne; H. G. Wells & others.