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Personal address book


Personal address book; 8vo; a lease leaf ring binder with original leather covers. The contains approximately 200 addresses many with telephone numbers, hand written by Carter in pencil. Addresses include various family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues of the archaeologist, including the Duke of Alba in Madrid, Baron Harold de Bildt of the Royal Swedish Legation in Cairo, the Earl & Countess of Carnarvon (including Countess Almina, the wife of the 5th Earl of Carnarvon who had supplied financial backing to the search and excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb), Earl of Cadogan, William Carter, Samuel Carter, Albert Carter, Lady Colefax, John Drinkwater, Viscount Devonport, the Egyptian legation and consul in London, Lady Melchett, the Press Cutting Association, Sir Horace Rumbold, the Savile Club, Hassan Selius, Professor of Egyptology at the University in Cairo, Air Vice Marshal Francis Rowland Scarlett, Sir Harry Lloyd Verney (private secretary to Queen Mary). Carter was a solitary character and could often be abrasive and admitted to having a hot temper. It has been suggested Carter had an affair with the daughter of the Earl of Carnarvon, but was later rejected by Lady Evelyn herself, who told her daughter Patricia that "at first I was in awe of him, later I was rather frightened of him", resenting Carter's "determination" to come between her and her father. Harold Plenderleith, (whose details are in this book) an associate of Carter's at the British Museum, was quoted as saying that he knew "something about Carter that was not fit to disclose", which some have interpreted as meaning that Plenderleith believed that Carter was homosexual. There is, however, no evidence that Carter enjoyed any close relationships. Very good, a number of pages loose.