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Portrait Miniatures of Major G.E.S Young and his wife Alison Jane Young


A miniature oval half length portrait of Captain later Major G.E.S Young in an oblong gilt metal frame housed in a specially made folding, 6.5cm x 5cm, together with a matching portrait of his wife, Alison Jane Young. Signed by the artist S Waine water colour on ivorine. Major G. E. S. Young is mentioned several times in Rudyard Kipling’s The Irish Guards in the Great War, in particular he describes the incident which lead to his death. “Major G.E.S. Young was so badly wounded this day (15th March 1917) by a shell, which came through a Company Headquarters dug-out he was visiting, that he died in a hospital a fortnight later and was buried at Grovetown Cemetery. His name is on the memorial of Corpus Christi College for the Dead of the Great War.