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British topography, especially East Anglia and the fens; history and archaeology; natural history; esoteric, occult, wicca, paranormal, spiritual, mysticism and religion.

Roman York, the Legionary Headquarters and Colonia of Eboracum


Titles; preface; contents; list of plates & drawings in the text to front. Chapters include: The Brigantes & the Roman Conquest of their Kingdom; The Fate of the IXth Legion, its Replacement by the VIth & the final Subjugation of the Brigantes; Eboracum - Capital of the North; Successive Invasion & Disaster in Britain & Decline of the Eboracum; The Castra of Eboracum; Eboracum in relation to the Road System & Defences of the North; Public & Domestic life in Eboracum. At the rear is a b/w. fold-out plan of Roman York. Newspaper photo. of Bootham Bar dated 1929 pasted to front free end-paper; two local newspaper cuttings relating to Roman York loosely inserted.