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SHOSTAKOVICH, Dmitri: Twelfth Symphony “The Year 1917”


Original card covers, with canvas spine, pencelled title ; 8vo. Inscribed by the composer on the title page dated 5th November 1965. Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975), the greatest composer of the Twentieth Century. Shostakovich’s 12th Symphony completed in 1961, describes the October Revolution in grand-scale programme music tableaux, reflecting a short phase in Shostakovich’s life when perhaps, after the death of Stalin and in the hope of a more humane USSR, he was a wholehearted supporter of communism. Although as with nearly all the music of Shostakovich nothing is that simple. It has been pointed out that the title of the last movement “The Dawn of Humanity” is followed very swiftly by the first movement of the Thirteenth Symphony entitled Babi Yar which describes the massacre of Jews at the ravine of that name in Kiev. A fine copy with a few marks to rear cover.