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British topography, especially East Anglia and the fens; history and archaeology; natural history; esoteric, occult, wicca, paranormal, spiritual, mysticism and religion.

The Dialects of Central Scotland


B/w. frontis. photo. of the so-called 'House of Commons' at Newhaven, consisting of retired fishermen, who, among others, assisted the author with this book; contents include: Foreword; Introduction; Spelling Adopted; Abbreviations; Pronunciation in the Lothians and Fife; Comparisons of the Dialects of Central Scotland; Grammar; Christian Names; Surnames; Place-Names; Days, Months, and Terms; Calls to Animals; Proverbs and Sayings; Verses and Riddles; Meetings and Partings and conversations about Health; Threats and Abuse; Food and Drink; Character; Miscellaneous Phrases; Specimen Verses; The Spelling of Scotch; & a Dictionary. List of contents to front. (We also have for sale two other first edition books by this author: "Lowland Scotch as Spoken in the Lower Strathearn district of Perthshire" & "The Dialect of Robert Burns as Spoken in Central Ayrshire")