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We are based in Oxford and focus on early travel books (16th - 18th centuries), maps and engravings. We were formally known as De Bry Engravings, but have updated our name to reflect our specialty of early travel books. Viewings by appointment.

The Idol Kiwasa


Early engraving of the Idol Kiwasa which was worshiped by the Algonquian tribes in modern day Virginia / North Carolina. The Engraving, by Theodore de Bry, is based on John White's water colours taken in 1585 and now in the British Library. The engravings accompanied the work of Thomas Harriot, the famous Oxford polymath who wrote "A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia" on behalf of Walter Raleigh during his time there. Thomas Harriot was born in Oxford and attended St Mary's Hall (Now incorporated into Oriel College).