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Vietnamese Propaganda Poster


Original Vietnam War Propaganda Poster; gouache on paper, image 73.3 cm x 45.7 cm. Signed and dated Hieu 72. The caption reads "The people of Vietnam will win! - The United States is determined to lose." The poster depicts the head and shoulders of a Vietnamese woman in black and white above the slogan all against a blue ground. Propaganda posters were first produced in Vietnam in the 1940s, inspired by Soviet propaganda art. Ho Chi Minh fostered and supported the movement and spent time with the propaganda poster artists. He believed in the Leninist quote; “art is not art unless it becomes propaganda”. The images were an important method of reaching the whole population, including the rural majority, in a country lacking the mass media of today. Women played a significant role during the War and were termed the ‘long-haired warriors’ and were expected to not only fulfil their domestic duties but also to take up arms. Many Vietnamese propaganda posters such as this one depict powerful and strong women. Very good a few short tears not affecting the image or slogan.