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Yorkshire Archaeological Society Record Series Volume CV: The First Order Book of the Hull Trinity House 1632-1665


First Edition; from the 34-page introduction: "The Guild or Fraternity of Masters and Pilots, Seamen of the Trinity House of Kingston upon Hull is one of the oldest and most interesting corporations in England, Its history is too long to be written as the introduction to the first of its longer records to be published. I propose to confine myself in the present introduction to such particulars of the history and functions of the guild as will help the reader more fully to understand the record now set before him. Although sometimes regarded, even in Hull, as a sort of “branch office" of the London Trinity House, the Hull Trinity House is, and always has been, an independent body, which, although its charter of incorporation is later than that of the London Trinity House, may well claim to be the elder of the two, Long before its formal incorporation, the Hull Trinity House was a recognised guild, exercising many of those functions which it was later authorised by charter to perform.