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Sevin Seydi Rare Books


Les Essais... Mlle de Gournay's final text, with her autograph corrections



Desultory Notes on Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary



The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie



Poems of Alexander Montgomerie and Other Pieces from Laing MS. No. 447 Supplementary Volume

Ken Spelman Books Ltd


MORE, Henry. Philosophicall Poems. 1647

Rainford & Parris


The White Horse of Zennor - SIGNED by the author.

Ashton Rare Books


Sula : Signed By The Author

Rainford & Parris


Boogie-Woogie - Damien Hurst designed dust jacket

Peter Harrington


[England's Treasure by Forraign Trade.] England's benefit and advantage by foreign trade, plainly demonstrated. Dedicated to the merchant-adventurers of England.

Ashton Rare Books


The Sea, The Sea : Signed By The Author

Michael Moon's Bookshop


A finely engraved portrait of Julius Casserius [Aged 39]a particularly detailed copper engraving depicting the 16th century anatomist dissecting a human hand.

Michael Moon's Bookshop


A large format 3 section poster advertising Keswick Museum and Flintoft's Celebrated [3D] Model [of the Lake District] in the Town Hall Admission One Shilling and after the first visit is FREE during the Season

Michael Moon's Bookshop


A large format 3 section poster advertising Mayson's Ordnance Model of the Lake District at the Repository Lake Road Admission One Shilling

Books Written By


Tunisia Geographical Handbook Series BR 523

Paul Foster Books


LONDON TYPES. Quatorzains by W. E. Henley.

Undercover Books


Anciens Royaumes de Mercie et East-Angles etc. - Lincolne

Books Written By


Webster's Improved Dictionary of the English Language Exhibiting the Origin, Orthography, Pronunciation and Definitions of Words.

Westwood Books Ltd


Birds of Jesmond Dene

Rickaro Books


Clarissa Oakes

York Modern Books


O'CASEY, Sean: The Silver Tassie: A Tragi-Comedy in Four Acts.



Stepping Stones - Interviews with Seamus Heaney