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The Bookroom


A Complete and Universal Dictionary of the English Language

Mr Mac


Peebleshire: an Inventory of the Ancient Monuments Volumes One and Volumes Two

Westfield Books


A small archive of approx. 40 printed and manuscript items relating to the St Paul family principally Horace St Paul (1775-1840) and his brother Henry Heneage St Paul (1777-1820).

Books Written By





The Wood Engravings of Robert Gibbings

Lion Books


Famous Scottish Links and Other Golfing Papers



Hull Museum Publications No's 73 to 84 (bound edition)



Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. IV (March, 1903) to XII (March, 1905) (bound edition) including two (bound in) compliments slips with notes in Sheppards hand.



Hull Museum Quarterly Record of Additions No's. XIX (December, 1906) to XXII (March, 1908) (bound edition)



Under Milk Wood

A G Cram


An Attempt to Establish the First Principles of Chemistry by Experiment.

Ken Spelman Books Ltd


Ducatus Leodiensis: or, the Topography of the Ancient and Populous Town and Parish of Leedes

Anthony Smith Books


Grinling Gibbons and the Woodwork of his Age (1648-1720).

Anthony Smith Books


English Homes. Norman & Plantagenent; Early Tudor; Mediaeval & Early Tudor; Late Tudor & Early Stuart; Late Stuart; Sir John Vanbrugh & His School; Early Georgian; Late Georgian.

Yesterday's Books



Red Books


The Roman History Written in Latine by Titus Livius. With the Supplements of the Learned John Freinshemius and John Dujatius. Frome the Foundation of Fome to the Middle of the Reign of Augustus. Faithfully Done into English.

Peter Harrington


De la démocratie en Amérique.... Orné d'une carte d'Amérique.

Paul Foster Books


THE LEGEND OF SIGURD AND GUDRUN. Edited by Christopher Tolkien.

Paul Foster Books


THE TWO TOWERS. Being the second part of The Lord of the Rings.

Anthony Smith Books


War and Peace. A Novel.

Ian Reilly Books


Idea del Giardino del Mondo; Avvisi di Buone Creanze; La Vita di Tullo Ostilio