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Lion Books


FLORA and SYLVA. a Monthly Review for Lovers of Garden, Woodland, Tree or Flower

McLaren Books Ltd


The Sporting Novels - printed for Subscribers. six volumesMr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Hawbuck Grange, Ask Mamma, Plain or Ringlets, Handley Cross, Mr Romfords Hounds.



The Penny Fiddle - Poems for Children

Fine Book Cellar


Career of Evil

The Bookroom


The Illustrated Book of Pigeons with Standards for Judging



The Thre Prestis of Peblis, how thai tald thar talis. Edited from the Asloan and Charteris texts

Fine Book Cellar


The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More

Anthony Smith Books


A Season in Hell (Une Saison en Enfer). Translated by Norman Cameron and with the original French text.

The Bookroom


The History of The Isle of Wight

Red Books


No Need to Lie

Fine Book Cellar


I Am Legend

Fine Book Cellar


Watership Down



The History and Antiquities of the County of Suffolk: With Genealogical and Architectural Notices of Its Several Towns and Villages [Two Volume Set]

Michael Sweeney Books


Bird Impressions. A Personal View of Birds. With a Foreword by Robert Gillmor.



Nudes by Munkacsi

Quair Books


Controlled Projection: A standard experimental procedure



Lokomotivy Otechestvennyh Zheleznyh Dorog 1845-1955 / Locomotives of (Russian) Domestic Railways 1845-1955

Forest Books


Cruchley’s Railway and Station Map of Yorkshire, Showing all the Railways & Names of Stations, also the Turnpike Roads, Gentlemen’s Seats, &c. &c. Improved from the Ordnance Surveys.

Jonkers Rare Books


Original Watercolour for Little Brother and Little Sister

Red Books


The Marine Steam Engine a Treatise for the Use of Engineering Students and Officers of the Royal Navy

Ashton Rare Books


Some Tame Gazelle : With The Original First Issue Wrapper