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Lycanthia Books


The Golem

Lycanthia Books


The People of the Chasm

Lycanthia Books


Death Whispers

Picture This


The Gormenghast Trilogy: Titus Groan (1946); Gormenghast (1950), and Titus Alone (1959)

Ian Reilly Books


History and Campaigns of the Rifle Brigade Part I 1800-1809; Part II 1809-1813

Peakirk Books


The Lion, The witch and the wardrobe

Peakirk Books


Five go off to Camp

Books Written By


An Architectural Pilgrimage in Old Mexico

Ian Reilly Books


Homeros, Homoros. The Third Book of Homer's Ilias Burlesqu'd

Books Written By


All about Ices Jellies & Creams

Ian Reilly Books


The Judgment of Paris. A Poem. By a Student of Christ-Church College, Oxford.

The Bookroom


The History of The Isle of Wight

Ian Reilly Books


Advice to the Fair-Sex. A Poem translated from the Greek of Naumachius

Westfield Books


A small archive of approx. 40 printed and manuscript items relating to the St Paul family principally Horace St Paul (1775-1840) and his brother Henry Heneage St Paul (1777-1820).

Lycanthia Books


The Mouse

Lycanthia Books


The Sherlock Holmes Long Stories

Lycanthia Books


From the Earth to the Moon



Legends of the Lakes: Or, Sayings and Doings at Killarney. Collected chiefly from the manuscripts of R. Adolphus Lynch, Esq. H. P. King's German Legion (two volume set)

Lycanthia Books


Cause for Alarm

Lycanthia Books


Flawed Blades

William Cowan


Life on Earth [Signed copy].