Set Up Notes for the Fair


“The NEC has been receiving an increasing number of complaints from the public about inadequate sign boards at fairs. This makes it difficult (particularly at the larger fairs) for the public to navigate their way around. We are professional book sellers, and should be presenting ourselves as such. Please remember that our Constitution and “Rules & Regulations” state that: “All Exhibitors are required to visibly display signboards of a professional standard. Business cards and personal promotional literature do not constitute a signboard and are not acceptable.” There is just time for exhibitors to order sign boards from the office. These come painted and with your business details printed on them. The cost is £55 +vat (this is at cost – no profit made). Fair managers have been asked to monitor this situation and report back to the NEC. Please do not cause them the embarrassment of having to do so.”
PBFA National Executive Committee

Trade Discount

Please note that the customary trade discount to all bone fide members of the book-trade is 10%.  Any further discount is at the discretion of the seller, and should be agreed at the point of purchase (or reservation of the item), and not assumed at point of payment.

Setting Up Times

  • 1.00pm – 6.00 pm on Thursday 9th September
  • 8.00am – 11.30am on Friday 10th September

PBFA Baize Cloth: You must have your own PBFA green baize cloth if you have a table. There will NOT be any available for hire at the venue.


Unloading and loading is only allowed via the rear loading doors unless otherwise directed. There is an exhibitors’ only car park which is at the rear of the exhibition hall (follow the signs, there will also be security staff giving directions). There are no steps into the building so unloading is easy. Exhibitors on the mezzanine level can use the service lift which will be clearly indicated, or the short flight of stairs. Exhibitors on the First Floor can use the main lifts in the front foyer.


Exhibitors are reminded of the PBFA rules: III.3.1 The only helpers allowed into the Fair before it opens to the public are partners of, or bona fide employees of, Exhibitors.

III.3.2 The maximum number of stand personnel at any one time shall not exceed four. This applies during setting up, open hours and breaking down of the Fair.


You can leave your car in the free exhibitors’ car park, which is also securely locked at night, but cars are left at your own risk This should accommodate all exhibitors but if you find it is full there is ample free parking in the main car parks on site (these are not locked at night). Please display your “exhibitor’s car badge” when parking in the exhibitors’ car park. The exhibitors’ car park will be locked at 8.00pm on Thursday and Friday nights.


Porters will be provided, and a minimum of £10.00 gratuity per unload or load is recommended. Exhibitors with “special needs” are advised to contact the Book Fair Committee who will try to accommodate.

North Yorkshire Trading Licence

A special licence is no longer required by the City of York Council to trade in secondhand goods.

We have just had confirmation of this from the Council.

“Thank you for your email with regard to the North Yorkshire County Council Act. I can confirm that at present the City of York Council are reviewing their position with regard to the Act and therefore at this moment in time there is no requirement for registration nor to display a certificate within the City of York Council boundaries and as the Racecourse is within the boundary you are not required to have one. However this doesn’t apply to the rest of North Yorkshire you will need to contact North Yorkshire County Council if you are planning to trade anywhere else in the county other than the City of York.”


The caterers will be open from 8.30am on Friday morning, serving breakfast.

There will also be coffee &c available on Thursday afternoon.

Your stand

Allocated space: Last year we were informed by the fire officers that a number of dealers had spread outside of their allocated space, with books in the aisles and on stair wells. You must keep to your allocated space as this plan has been approved for fire regulations, and any infringements will have to be removed before the final fire check. Please do not take additional chairs from the cafe area.

All stands must have a suitable signboard, to be provided by the exhibitor. This is to be of a suitable and professional appearance, and should be prominently displayed.

All boxes must be removed from the stands and stored away in your car, under your table, or in the areas provided. On no account should they be left by your stand or in the aisles where they constitute an obstruction and will contravene fire regulations. A high standard of display is expected and “sale”, “reduction” &c., signs  will not be permitted.

Wireless is now available free of charge at the venue.


Stand rents should be paid on SATURDAY morning at 12 noon in the foyer. Payment must be by CHEQUE ONLY. Invoices for advertising will be sent to you direct from the PBFA office.


York Book Fair badges must be worn at all times. You will find your exhibitor badge on your stand at the Fair. Security officials will be on all exit doors to the fair, but as no arrangement is fool-proof please be vigilant, politely ask non-exhibitors to leave during setting up times, always man your stand and inform the Book Fair Committee of anything untoward. Insurance remains the responsibility of the individual exhibitor. All sales must be put into PBFA bags and sealed with the stickers provided, and the stand number entered. Please keep these stickers in a secure place. Books will not be allowed through the security system if not so sealed. No books will be allowed to be brought into the Fair by non-exhibitors.

Please do not leave anything in the main foyer or upstairs lobby areas as these are not secure overnight. All the book fair rooms are fully secure, and we have overnight security staff for Friday night.

Packing Up

No packing up prior to the announcement that the fair is closed. If you require a porter please leave your name with the main reception.

Drinks Reception

All exhibitors and their friends are welcome to an informal drinks party from 6.00 – 9.00pm on Thursday 13th September, at Ken Spelman’s Bookshop, 70 Micklegate, York (01904 624414).


A table will be available for exhibitors to display copies of their recent catalogues.



Space will be provided for posters and fliers for forthcoming PBFA Fairs. If you have any material you wish displayed please leave it with the information desk.

We hope you have an enjoyable and successful Fair.

Tony Fothergill, Janette Ray, James Hallgate